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Scholarship Applications Deadline Extended to 8/14

Please visit our Scholarships page for more information:

Deadline extended to August 14th, 2022

Division Scorekeepers

Division Name Town Email
 9A  Shannon Danho  Attleboro
 9N  Steve Simonds  Milford
 10A  Kevin Mont  Franklin
 10N  Kristy Vicente  Stoughton
 11A  Tony Delisle      Attleboro
 11N  Craig Jacobs      Wrentham
 12A  Joe Brown  Plainville
 12N  Mark Anderson  Wrentham
 13A  Dave Rea  North Attleboro
 13N  James Dow  King Philip
 14/15A  John Marino   Bellingham
 14/15N  Mike Geaney  Stoughton
 Diamond  Mike Stern  Foxboro


Clarification on Edit Mode

Edit Mode will only be available when you are visiting your team page or another page within your division.  For example, if you are designated as a Manager for an 11N team, you will not see the Edit Mode option from the Hock home page or any other page not within the 11N division. This is because Edit Mode allows users to enter rosters and game scores and that access needs to be limited to just their team within their own division.  

Link Your Sports Engine Account

The Hock team has received many emails regarding users who cannot access their team pages.  All Managers/Coaches who submitted their contact information via the Google Form will be mapped to their teams by Wednesday at Noon.  If you have not already done so, please submit your contact info ASAP.

We're coming across several cases where the SportsEngine profile is not linked to the Hock site.  THIS STEP IS MANDATORY.  

Please follow the instructions found in the training materials (in the post below, slides 2-4) to create and link your SportsEngine account to the Hock site.  We are unable to link your account for you.  Once your account is linked to the Hock site, we can then map your profile to your team page.   

Hock 2022 Season Meeting Schedule and Key Dates

All meetings held at the Norton Media Center unless otherwise indicated

  • Feb 27th - General Meeting 7 pm (w/Zoom option)
  • March 27 - General Meeting 7 pm Norton 
  • April 24 - General Meeting 8 pm
  • May 15 - General Meeting 8 pm
  • May 20 - Team Declarations and Field Availability Due
  • May 26 - Team Declaration Confirmation
  • Week of June 5th - Schedule Released
  • June 12 - Coaches Meeting
    • American division 7 PM
    • National division 8 PM
  • June 12 - Website Training 9 PM (rescheduled from 6/5)
  • Season Starts - June 20
  • Season Ends - July 22
  • July 24 - Playoff Meeting 8 pm
  • Championships
    • American and Senior July 25, 27, 28 - Attleboro is hosting on the 28th 
    • National July 26, 27, 28 - Mansfield is hosting on the 28th

Score Entry and Team Maintenance Help Guides

For instructions on how to enter game scores, please view the Score Entry and Team Maintenance Help Guide in the section below.

Hock Game Scoring Web Demo


2020 Hockomock Summer Baseball League Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 Hock Scholarship Recipients


Area Tournaments

Hock Pitch Smart Pitching Guidelines

Smart Pitch Guidelines

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.